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From Playspace's Twitter via Sprout Social

Save coins in every game

Money savers! We introduce you to your new best friend OINK! OINK!聽馃惤

Do you remember the piggy bank when you had when you were small? 馃聽That clay piggy helped you to save the money to buy your first toy鈥 As is tradition! 馃悥聽Well, he has come to Playspace, and with every game played you will take away a little more money so you can keep playing for FREE.

What does this mean?

From now on, with the piggy you will be able to earn back a portion of what was previously available in the social networks. Therefore, as well as all the prizes that we post in our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, you will have another way to earn coins!聽馃憦

How to fatten up your piggy?

Everyone starts with zero coins, just like we were taught as children, you need to make an effort to get what you want and what better way to do this than by playing with friends? By now, you know one another, but the piggy is a little shy. So, the more you treat him, the more coins you will have!

As you play, the piggy will get fatter and fatter. Those few extra pounds will turn into coins for you to redeem whenever you wish. So, in this case, you can forget about that bikini body!

You only need to keep one thing in mind, the first time you lose will be for free, so don鈥檛 rush! As after losing a second time, to play again you need to pay.

As best friends always surprise one another with the special details, the piggy has left you a little present in this publication. Find it and give it to all your friends, just as this relationship promised!

Have you found it yet? Don麓t wait any longer. Start saving now, or as he would say鈥

Oink, Oink!

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