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Playspace gaming rules

Playspace gaming rules

Many of you have contacted us saying that other users are being disrespectful towards you while you’re trying to play your favorite games. Here, we’ll give you all the keys to help you get the maximum enjoyment from playing and chatting with your best friends, while avoiding these types of problems.

How can I be a perfect player?

😇 Show respect, and you’ll be respected 😇 At Playspace, we don’t allow any kind of disrespect. That includes inappropriate language during chats, or using a nickname and / or profile image that may cause offense to third parties.

⛔️ No cheaters allowed! ⛔️ Winning must depend on the merits of your playing skills, and NEVER on any tricks that may negatively affect others. This includes having more than one active account.

😎 “The savior” 😎 If you see any unfair behavior going on, you must report it without getting involved in the argument. Remember that a poor defense may cause you problems – it doesn’t matter who casts the first stone, anyone breaching the rules will be punished.

Chat rules

We know that there are many of us, and sometimes we lose our cool in the excitement of the game. 😖 But WATCH OUT: remember that games are meant to be fun, and that no one has any right to express anger by harassing others, ☠️ no matter what the origin of the argument may be. ☠️

What are considered reasons for punishment?

  • Using Multiaccounts ( Using more than 1 active account).
  • Insults, harassment or obscene language.
  • Writing the same message over and over repeatedly (‘flooding’).
  • Make SPAM
  • Using a nickname that may be offensive to any individual, business or group.
  • Getting involved in arguments.

Want to ignore us?

👨‍⚖️Then Playspace law will come down on you like a ton of bricks! 👨‍⚖️

You may be muted during games, depriving yourself of the freedom to chat with your friends. And depending on the severity of the incident, you may even be temporarily kicked out of the games.

Any account that breaks these rules may be suspended without prior notice. Disrespect will not be tolerated!

How do I submit a “chat report”?

To send us a report on an incident so that we can sanction those players that do not comply with the rules, you must click on “Report”, which you will find in the “chat options”. ⚙️

This will allow us to see the last few lines of the chat (both private and public), so that we can sanction those players who do not comply with the rules of the community.

If you are logged in from a mobile phone or tablet, you will need to click on the “!” button to send it.

Be a moderator yourself

Not all players are born moderators, as it is a great responsibility and requires a real commitment to Playspace and its users. If you are a true activist who can’t stand injustice, we believe that this may be the site for you.

How to be a good moderator?

🌟 The promise of youth 🌟 You must be an active player who plays daily and participates in chats. You will answer any questions that users may ask during chats and will contact any member of the Playspace team to report any problems or incidents.

💍 Complete trust 💍 Our moderators are our right hand. They are a bridge between all the users and the team, and that is why we put our faith in them. We know that they will always do their work in an impartial manner!

Keep your eyes peeled They are responsible for the proper functioning of games, and for keeping us apprised of any incidents, such as cheating or offensive behavior during chats.

👮‍♀️ Justice for all 👮‍♀️ Remember that we cannot discriminate between players. Moderators must always be impartial and neutral towards all players, because many will approach you directly to ask for help and you must make judgments regarding sanctions without being influenced by cronyism.

📝 Duties and Responsibilities 📝 The main priority will be to maintain harmony in our community, and as such you must not hesitate to punish those who do not comply with the rules.

If you are interested in becoming a moderator for our games, send a message to us at indicating: the name of the games you want to moderate, the times when you will be logged in to the games and your reasons for applying to be a Playspace moderator.

Well then… Carpe diem, we wish you good luck in the games and hope you enjoy every match and every chat with your friends… But as you do so, always remember the motto…

☮️ ✌️ Peace and love ☮️ ✌️


  • Reply
    Oct 12, 2017 10:59 pm

    Hi I was just wondering how I can change my game pieces. I have no option to give a gift, change pieces, where is the “my stuff” option, and windows. Please and thanks bryon0636

    • Reply
      Oct 19, 2017 5:00 pm

      Hi Byron,

      Thanks for writing us. At the moment we have only activated the colors and some pawns for mobile devices. If you want to change pawns or colors in your game, you must do it from a computer and the changes will be reflected on your mobile device. We help you to do it following these steps:

      1. Access from a computer to your favourite game
      2. Click on your profile picture
      3. Click the “My Stuff”
      4. There you must equip or unpack all the items of the store

      Regards and we hope to have been able to help you!

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