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Playspace online bingo is crazier than ever!

Sing non-stop with the latest news from Loco Bingo Playspace

⚡Listen up! Fellow bingo lover, this is for you!⚡

We know you never miss a beat, so you’ll have already noticed that we’ve changed the Loco Bingo game so that you can enjoy many more coins, and a fourth extra prize.

What’s new with the online bingo from Playspace?😲 We’ll tell you right now, but you’d better believe us when we say we’ve gone crazy! Tune up your voice, because you’re not going to stop singing.


Tombola mode

From now on you will be able to play Bingo in two different modes:

  1. If you choose Bingo 90, you can play bingo for life and call line, double line, Bingo AND NOW A NEW LOCO BINGO PRIZE.
  2. If you choose Tombola 90, you can gain the prizes you want so badly:  🎶 Double, Triple, Quadruple, Quintuple, Tombola, Tombolino & Loco Bingo 🎶

You were so worried about the sudden disappearance of the Sala Tombola… Well, IT’S BACK, STRONGER THAN EVER!

But that’s only half the story! Not content with that alone, we thought we’d create another gift for you, now, enjoy 100% of each board played. Excitement and fun are assured!

Tombola & much more



From today you can enjoy a new super prize at Bingo 90. What does this mean?

It means that from now on, you will have more opportunities to scoop the jackpot. Yes, yes, you heard that right!

Up to now, when playing Loco Bingo you’ve been able to call up to three awards: line, double line and bingo. With the new Bingo 90 mode you will now have another chance to win the new Loco Bingo prize, which you will get if you strike all the numbers in your card before the winning ball arrives.

So, shall we see you at Loco Bingo? Your favourite hall is waiting!

Sing Loco Bingo!

Psst… Don’t go yet, we’ve hidden 2 gift cards in this publication. Have you found them yet?

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