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The trip of your life sails from Loco Bingo

Pack your bags because the Bingo 90’s cruise awaits you

Start with the basics: swimsuit👙, sunscreen☀, your favorite game📲, and the desire to travel around the world with our special Queen Liberty Playspace’s cruise.

In the Bingo 90’s mode you will be able to make the trip of your dreams. All your friends and family are invited! And best of all, your captain, Jack Liberty, is an animal lover, so pets are welcome too!

💭 What would your dream trip be like? 💭

Have you ever imagined it? Being able to visit a multitude of new and special places, sleep in one city and wake up in another one,… now it is possible if you choose to live the experience aboard our special cruise ship.

In Queen Liberty you will have the opportunity to visit incredible places you’ve never been before and enjoy the culture and tradition, its landscapes and its locals. All that and more in the new Queen Liberty Cruise Room!

👨‍✈️ Where are we headed, Captain Jack? 👨‍✈️

Our Captain Jack is an expert in inhospitable destinations, adventures and fun, so you’re in the best hands and with Playspace’s best crew to enjoy all the comforts of a luxury 5 star cruise.

On the Queen Liberty Cruise you will find a lounge where you can sit down to enjoy the best games and comment on the best plays. Also don’t forget the dining room, which will be the most exquisite buffet on earth (or in this case, the ocean :D) get the best place because Lucky loves to pig out of it!

🎁 Cruise Souvenirs 🎁

But it doesn’t end here! Captain Jack has announced us exclusively that during this trip he will spend several times in his special room Queen Liberty to distribute GIFT CARDS. Will you be the only one to be without them?

🗺 Itinerary 🗺

The cruise will take you to the most desired destinations in the world. Every week you can play in a new environment: crystal clear Caribbean beaches, huge skyscrapers in a big city or even the mountainous landscapes of Switzerland. A warning! It is vitally important that you use all your cards when you receive them because at the end of the week and with the change of the course, those cards will disappear.

First stop ✅

We hope you enjoyed the first phase of the cruise! In our first destination you have been able to surround yourself with the best Mediterranean landscapes, meet new friends who will follow you during the entire cruise, and swim on its transparent beaches,… After this paradise you are ready for the second stop… Where will Captain Jack take you?

Second stop ✅

We changed course! At the present stage of the Queen Liberty Cruise, it is heading for a very different place: the most impressive skyscrapers you have ever seen. Ask for an appointment with the cruise masseuse because you won’t stop turning your head from one side to the other so you don’t miss out on the incredible sunsets that awaits you!

Third stop 

One more week and the Queen Liberty cruise is on its way to another destination. We leave behind the Mediterranean coast to live new experiences in the big city. This time, you’ll be innotized by the charms of the night, the luxury, the spotlights and….the fun! It’s time to put your swimsuit away and put on your best clothes because the party is about to start and you can’t miss it!

Fourth stop 

The farewell is coming! All the good stuff, unfortunately, is over…. but not before you enjoy a dinner in style in the company of Captain Jack Liberty and all your friends at Loco Bingo. This gala dinner is the end of our adventure; a trip around the world where you could live an exciting experience, discovering unforgettable places in the best company. But, well, you know Jack’s into it, so who knows? will we ever travel aboard the Queen Liberty again? Follow us on our social networks and our Blog to find out all the news!

And we’ll live many emotions and adventures at 🎁Loco Bingo🎁… because this trip has just begun! 

Now there’s only one thing left to do: just enjoy the ride!

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