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Halloween Games at Playspace. Enter and feel the fear!

The most terrifying Halloween games are now available at Playspace

Once again this year we are getting into the mood to celebrate this holiday that is well-known worldwide to ensure that everyone enjoys the scariness. Join the Halloween games at Playspace and enjoy the age-old classic games with an added touch of terror.

The game displays will be themed for the festivities, and there will also be spooky music within this uniquely scary setting. Also, in the shop you will be able to find all of the items for your favourite games and Halloween games, so that you can fully immerse yourself in this frightening world. Enjoy badges and ways of killing at Parcheesi Playspace: Ghosts, pumpkins, the Chucky doll and a chainsaw will allow you to experience this hair-raising adventure in the games.

Visit our Facebook pages, where for a week now we have been announcing the arrival of Halloween, giving away gifts on all of them with promotions and prizes for every player. As if that was not enough, we will be holding prize draws and competitions where you can win coins, credits and of course lots of Halloween-themed items that you will find in the store in every game. Remember, this is the little shopping cart icon found in the top right-hand corner of the game. Start enjoying Halloween with this gift. Enter and do not miss out!

We are also celebrating Halloween on Twitter so remember to follow us, collect your free coins and play to have a chance to win using every available way.

Another source you should bear in mind is the application notification displayed in the upper right-hand side of the game. When we send out gifts a red number will appear here indicating that there are gifts waiting to be collected. Collect them as soon as possible to ensure you do not miss out!

Share this experience with your friends and receive free coins, you can also challenge everyone in order to prove who the best is. Have you already visited our website www.playspace.com? You really should, to discover all of our games and enjoy maximum fun day after day and this week the games will be scarier than ever.

We await you on this terrifying and entertaining adventure!

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