🎁🎊🎉 ¿Qué celebramos hoy? 🎉🎊🎁 1. Que mañana es viernes 😍 #FelizJueves 2. Que hay REGALO de monedas Parchís bit.ly/2JFg0qP 💰 Loco Bingo bit.ly/2sV1d0S 💰 pic.twitter.com/tnex…

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Happy friends day! Invite your friends to play and win more prizes than ever.

giorno dell'amico

Invite your friends to play any Playspace game and win coins every day.

Because each friend is a treasure, because our friends are the family we choose, because they are there for us during good times and bad, and because at Playspace we feel that the more the merrier, we are giving away coins every day if you invite your friends to play!

There is now a daily prize available in the Playspace games; you can collect it every 24 hours. To claim your prize you just have to invite your friends to play. There will be 3 different options, depending on the requirements of eachgame, which you can chose from, in each game, every day. And there’s more! For each friend that plays in Playspace you will earn free coins every day as well as Daily Bonus, so the more friends that play the more free coins you will receive.

Apart from the gift of the day that you choose and the coins you receive for each friend that joins, if you select the option to “invite friends” within the game, you can win even more coins. You can invite everyone to play by clicking on the “invite friends” button on the main menu or from the “more coins” option at the top of the game.

You can challenge your friends and chat with them in our community while enjoying the best of gaming experiences. And don’t worry; if your friends are not online there are thousands of other players in our community that are waiting to play with you. You can become one of Playspace’s best players by beating them all, and remember to invite your friends to play so you can win prizes and free coins every day. In Playspace we want to celebrate Friend’s Day with this and many more gifts → bit.ly/2tetRIC  💵🎁

Join the Playspace fun and make every day a Saturday, remember there will always be someone willing to play with you and have a great time.

Lets start playing!

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