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Don’t be a chicken! Go ahead and double the bet!

Your parcheesi online games now much more exciting

Even the fiercest of Wild West duels can’t match this level of adrenaline and excitement! Draw your guns, cowboy, and draw courage from wherever you can because the option of to double the bet has arrived at Parchis Playspace.

Dare you multiply your bet? If you love neck-and-neck games and you’re dying to give your all, we guarantee that you’ll be incapable of resisting this challenge. Your opportunity to win more coins awaits you!

How does the “Double the bet” option work in Parcheesi?

All players will begin the game with the option of doubling their bet once, as long as they have enough coins to pay the bet if their opponent wins. If you don’t have enough coins, you will automatically be prevented from using this option.

After doubling, you will have to wait until the other player takes the next step and multiplies the bet before you can do this again. If your opponent turns your challenge down straight away, your button will be disabled and you will not be able to double the bet again until the next time your opponent challenges you.

Remember that whenever you see the “Double bet” button in gold, this means that the function is active and that you may challenge your opponent. However, if the button is in silver, this will mean that the function has been disabled and that you must be patient and wait to see how the game develops. Are you brave enough to double the bet, or will you be a chicken?

When you decide to double the bet:

If you double the bet, when you click on the golden button a new window will appear. You must accept this in order for your opponent to receive the challenge.

When your opponent decides to double the bet:

When your opponent clicks on the “Double bet” button, you will see a message asking you if you would like to accept the challenge or not.

Confirmation of the bet:

When a bet is accepted, whether this is on your part or not, you will see another message displaying the number of coins that you are all playing for after doubling the initial amount. For example, if you started a game in which the bet was 6.000 coins, when you double this you will be playing for 12.000 coins.

Now you’re more than ready to step up to each and every one of the 🎁parcheesi duels🎁, with the aim of taking away a great coin prize!

Do you have an infallible strategy and aim to make a decisive start? Then press the button! Are you playing with your best friend who has challenged you, and you want to leave them broke? Double the bet! Do you crave excitement and want to win more coins even though the game is looking a little dicey? Place everything you have! Whatever you do, don’t be a chicken! Dare to double the excitement (and your coins) at your parcheesi games.

Give it a try NOW!

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