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We wish you a Playspace Christmas

This Christmas arrives loaded with more gifts than Santa’s sleigh 🦌🎅

It has finally arrived! The best time of the year! The time when all of us want to spend time with our family and friends, and of course, we include ourselves in your plans because we are very excited to be able to share this time with you. As such we have prepared a whole heap of surprises to make this happy period of the year HAPPY with a capital H.

We know that you must have a lot of commitments since Christmas comes with family get-togethers, parties with friends, never-ending feasts and even unexpected gifts.

Despite this, we hope that you will find a spare moment to enjoy what we have prepared with all your friends at Playspace…

🏆 Merry Christmas tournaments 🏆

For those moments when you want to “relax with the family”, you will have Playspace tournaments in your favorite games.

The first will be the Christmas tournament, which you will be able to play on Tuesday December 26th at 9pm (GMT+1 Madrid). While resting after Christmas dinner you will enjoy playing in our special tournament with all your friends more than ever! But why the 26th? We planned it like this just in case Santa Claus forgets to pass by your house. The 🎁 in this tournament will leave you amazed!

The second tournament that you can play over this festive period is the first tournament of the year, the New Year tournament, which, of course, will take place on January 1st at 9pm (GMT+1 Madrid).

And in case you still want more, there still remains the third and final tournament to bring this festive period to a close in the best way possible: the Three Kings tournament, which you will be able to play on Saturday January 6th at 9pm (GMT+1 Madrid). We hope that you have been good because the camels will come loaded with lots of gifts. 😉

🎄 Christmas decoration 🎄

You will have seen that our games have been brimming with Christmas spirit for a long time already… Not one detail is missing: the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, the snowman… Even the Grinch couldn’t resist sharing these days with you!

The most social among you have also been able to immerse yourselves in the Christmas spirit on our Facebook and Twitter pages. If you still haven’t seen, go and take a look! You will see how nice we have made it:

Twitter Playspace

Playspace Facebook

Loco Bingo Facebook

Parcheesi Facebook

Come and enjoy this festive period with us, take part in all the challenges and win incredible gifts! Don’t forget to collect all the gift days on the Advent calendar 🎁📅

🍾 Christmas items 🍾

But it doesn’t end there! With the arrival of the new shop we have launched the special Christmas collection, where you can obtain different Christmas chips that will make your games more fun and bring you lots of luck.

🎇 Happy Holidays at Loco Bingo 🎇

What about Loco Bingo? Well, in our star game you will also be able to have fun playing and winning lots of coins in our themed rooms. If you love Christmas trees and colorful lights, the room for you is X-mas. However, if you are an unconditional fan of the world’s most famous grandpa, the one for you will be the Santa room.

If you plan on celebrating New Year’s Eve with all your friends at Playspace, then we will see you in the New Year’s Eve room. And let’s not forget the grand finale of the festive period, our dear Three Magic Kings, who will also have their own room where you will be able to win lots of prizes.

Furthermore, one of the elves has told us that Santa Claus will be visiting the Bingo 90 and Tombola 90 rooms this festive season, and that he will be handing out lots of gifts to the players who catch him red-handed. He will come with a sleigh full of gifts, so don’t miss out on yours!

🎊 Happy Holidays at Loco Slots 🎊

For lights and colors, our Loco Slots game has lots of rooms and each one with its own theme. But don’t think for a moment that Santa Claus doesn’t have time to come to Loco Slots, because his magic is limitless. Play the Santa Comes! slot for free and win lots of prizes!

🎀 Special Parcheesi Events 🎀

  • Play with Santa pawns (for 1 game)
  • Start with all your pawns outside
  • When you arrives at the goal: PRIZE!
  • Bet of 48.000 coins

  • Party hat pawns (for 1 game)
  • Start with all your pawns outside
  • Your pawns are in aleatory position
  • Pairs game of 18.000 coins
  • Barriers only at safe tiles

*Caution! Your hangover won’t let you think clearly… and you can end up killing your own pawns!

  • Play with crown pawns (for 1 game)
  • 3 pawns out. The other one are in the goal
  • When you arrives at the goal: PRIZE!
  • Bet of 48.000 coins

At Playspace we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope that you have a great time surrounded by those you love the most (which includes us of course) to end 2017 on a happy note and start the new year with new wishes. May everything you do turn out great.

✨ Merry Christmas & happy 2018 ✨



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