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Black Friday offers at Playspace games

Enjoy discounts on games. Only for 3 days!

Black Friday is an American tradition that is celebrated just the day after Thanksgiving and consists of incredible offers that that announce the beginning of Christmas gifts.

We have to admit that this celebration is not really “Tipical Spanish”. But… which ones are the things that Spanish like most? Well, partys and sales.

In Playspace we have decided to prepare a scandal BLACK WEEK for you like cheaper offers, cheaper rooms, tournaments and many gifts.


What offers do we have prepared for Black Friday?

We know that this is the most important thing for all of you! On Friday, November 24, we have prepared an offer in all our games with a 2 × 1 coin. Now you can take twice as many coins for the same price. The only condition that we put to you is that you give yourself a lot of haste because it is a limited offer and will only last 1 day.

On Friday, November 24, we have prepared an offer in all our games… ¡2×1 COINS! Now you will get twice coins for the same price. The only requirement is that you hurry because the offer ends in 24 hours.

But don´t get sad, if you are one those like to have fun for a long tim… we have the whole week of special events for you.

What are the special events?

We have also prepared challenges, raffles, tournaments and a new Black Friday Room at Loco Bingo so you can enjoy the whole Black Week. Enter and discover all the fun!

You can access the special Black Friday tournaments. All the tournaments of all our games start on Friday, November 24 at 20:00 hours (GMT 0 – England). The prizes are incredible; for example at the game of Parcheesi, in which you can win 100 credits, 1,000,000 coins and special Black friday paws…

Do you dare to be one of the winners? Then, join to the tournament of your favorite game! Also, our designers have prepared a special Black Friday room at Loco Bingo game. Travel through the space in Outer Space of Bingo 75, dance a few dances in the Music Room of Tombola 90 and have a great time with your friends in the new Black Friday room of Bingo 90 while you sing awards in the craziest Bingo in the world.

We recommend you to be attentive to our fan pages and to our Twitter, We will give gifts during these days.

Play the classics and enjoy the game offers! You will find us on Facebook, iPhone, iPad, Android and on our Playspace website!




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