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Bingo 75, the new game mode of Loco Bingo

Bingo 75

You will even be singing in the shower with the new BINGO 75 MODE of Loco Bingo Playspace

Calling all Bingo players, Bingo 75 is making its debut! We are sure that you have already noticed but today we have specially dressed up our characters, Tombolina from Tómbola and Bingui from Bingo 90, to introduce you to A Lucky and The Bingo 75 mode! The new character is joining our Playspace family to offer you the most entertaining experience possible with 75 ball Bingo.

Bingo 75 is a type of Bingo game that is very popular in the United States, and that has now spread through every country. So at Loco Bingo we are not going to be left behind, as our objective is to bring you the best entertainment from every part of the planet!


bingo 75

How do you play Bingo 75?

The cards in 🎁Bingo 75🎁 are different to those in Bingo 90. These ones are squares rather than rectangles, and are divided into 5 rows of 5 squares. Moreover, the balls are associated with the letters B-I-N-G-O. Pay close attention to Pepe, because in this game mode the key factor is the speed and agility with which you mark the numbers on the cards.

And best of all are the prizes! In Bingo 75 you can win different combinations of prizes, from 4 corners, a row, a column or even a diagonal. Furthermore, if you are one of the first to call Bingo your prize is even better! And that is not all, you can also play for combination prizes in each room, including jackpots and accumulated prizes.

*Advice for being the fastest Bingo 75 player: Turn up the game’s volume and pay close attention to the letter of the number, as the letter will help you to see which columns on your card you need to check. For example, if the number to mark is “N – 39”, you only need to check the “N” column on each of your cards. 

bingo 75

The Bingo 75 rooms: Outer Space and Nautilus

Right now you have two new rooms available in Loco Bingo 75, Outer Space and Nautilus. And if you don’t like travelling through outer space or discovering the depths of the sea? Don’t worry, as very soon we will be adding new rooms and all of them will be different! We suggest that you don’t miss any of them, as they are all different and contain unique hidden prizes. For example, in Nautilus you can get the treasure map, and in Outer Space you can combine the star constellations to win the top prizes.

Want to know more? Then come and play the new Bingo 75 mode in Loco Bingo with your friends, and enjoy some new adventures.  So if you like bingo and parchis we have a surprise for you: 75 ball pawn. Look for it in this post and enjoy wining prizes!

Coming soon…tips and tricks about the Nautilus room. Pay attention to the blog!


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