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Buraco online. Strategies and curiosities of your favorite game


Do you know everything about Buraco online from Playspace?

The aim of Buraco online, one of the most played card games in Brazil, is to win more points than your opponents. Do you know everything there is to know about the game of Buraco?

You can play against 2 or 4 players (in pairs) and, to win, your objective is to make combinations of either straights or sets of three or more cards of the same number.

Want to know how to become unbeatable? Here is some advice and strategies for you to win as many games as possible:

  • There are two decks in play so count or remember the cards that have already been dealt, this way you can form a good strategy.
  • Remember that the starting player has the option to steal as there are not yet any discarded cards for them to take.
  • You can make hands with a minimum of three cards and if you make a hand of seven cards you will make a run.
  • You change a dirty run into a clean one only when the 2 (which can be used as a wild card) manages to be moved to the position of the 2, this is if the 2 is the same suit as the rest of the cards in the run.
  • In games between pairs there will be a dead for each pair and this will go to the first one to finish his cards.
  • There are different ways to play, but in “Open” and “Closed WTCC” you can only make straights of 4 suits and “Buraco”.
  • To be able to “bater” or stop the “dirty Open” mode, you have to discard a card from the pile.
  • You can use the twos and jokers as wild cards in any combination, except for in “Open” mode which doesn’t include the joker card.
  • The dead will subtract 100 points from you if you don’t pick it up or if you do pick it up but don’t use it.
  • The game ends if you are left without cards or if there are no cards in the deck to steal.

You can also find all the rules to Buraco online in our help section and on our Facebook page.

Now nothing’s stopping you! You can put our advice to good use and win by playing on our website, Facebook or iOS.

Do you want to play on our multiplayer game? All you need to do is enter and start the fun.


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