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15 Online Parcheesi/Ludo Tournament!

Play Online tournaments and earn great prizes!

This is our 15 Online Tournament Parcheesi. Have you ever been to one of our tournaments participated ? If not, you can not miss it . We want this tournament so special and prizes will be higher. Register and earn a lot of coins!

Remember to check the general rules of the tournaments so you do not miss anything . You will not have any doubt and you will proclaim the winner. Click here!


Join the competition and become one of the best players of Parcheesi Online competing against people of any country in the world!


Places are limited!. Spaces are reserved 4500 and rigorously in order of registration.

To enroll you must only access the game of Parcheesi day tournament start time to that and press “Play tournament”. This button will remain throughout the rounds to have pulses in each. When the tournament is not active you can practice by clicking.

The price of the tournament will be 250 coins will be deducted at the time you access by pressing the “Play tournament” and bet each round is 50 coins.

Only the winner of each game is classified for the following ronda.Los opponents each game will come together at random.

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the final round and will automatically be awarded to the winner of each final round. They are:

  • 3500 coins
  • 40 credits
  • Multiplier x2 ( 10 matches )


The tournament will take place on May 9 and is only available for PC:

  • First round: At 19:00 hours
  • Second round: At 20:00 hours
  • Third round: At 21:00 hours


– You will be noticed as the cup inside the game will become pink anytime there is a tournament available

– We recommend that you practice and train to improve your chances of being a winner.

– The bet of 50 coins per round regardless of the registration fee.

– The prize can be collected from 0 to 24 hours after you won and you will find it in the notification center (white letter in the game).

– There will be many winners!

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