Aparentemente este es un miércoles cualquiera... Hasta que aparece un tuit de Playspace con un regalo para #Parchís Créditos para ti 🎁🎊 bit.ly/2tcjRBD 🎊🎁 ME GUSTA si adoras los miércoles con regalo de #Playspace pic.twitter.com/MXiR…

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1 million coins

It’s been almost 6 years since we started the Playspace adventure and during this time we had fun, we made friends and we had a great time together.

Thanks for being there and thanks for playing with us!

From April 7 there will be a limit of up to 1,000,000 coins, you can use in your account if you have not made any payments. You can spend the coins that exceed one million for that date or make a purchase of only 0.99 €.

If you make the purchase you can continue to use all your accumulated coins in addition to enjoying 150,000 more coins, 50 credits, eliminate advertising forever and a lot more. It’s worth it, isn’t it? For less than it costs a coffee you will have a lot of advantages. You can make a purchase in the popups that appear at the beginning of the game or by clicking the “+ coins” icon at the top of the game.

If you don’t want or can’t make a purchase while having more than a million in your game account, you will have to spend the coins that exceed one million or you will lose them.

And why this change? Because we want to reward all our users who trust us and value our effort and work. If you have not made any payments you can continue to enjoy the game for free but with the limitation of one million. In case of having more than one million on April 7, you will lose what you exceed.

Anyway you can continue to enjoy thousands of hours of entertainment for free.

We love having you and being part of the great Playspace community. Do we celebrate it with a few games?  😜

Play here we us ➽ ParcheesiLoco BingoDominoesBuracoChinchónToma 2La OcaNumbiesCrazy Wheel y Truco


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    Mar 21, 2018 3:08 am

    Best game ever remind me my shilhod

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