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Online Dominoes Tournament!

Play Online tournaments and earn great prizes!

Now it’s time to read the general basis of all tournaments so you don’t have any doubt and proclaim yourself as one of the winners. Click here!



Do not miss your chance to win great prizes in our Online Dominoes Tournament!

Check the Tournament bases so you do not miss anything and can enjoy having fun.

Join the competition and become one of the best players of multiplayer dominoes competing against people of any country in the world!


The tournament will take place on May 8 and is only available for PC:

  • First round: At 19:00 hours
  • Second round: At 20:00 hours
  • Third round: At 21:00 hours


– You will be noticed as the cup inside the game will become pink anytime there is a tournament available

– We recommend that you practice and train to improve your chances of being a winner.

– The bet of 50 coins per round regardless of the registration fee.

– The prize can be collected from 0 to 24 hours after you won and you will find it in the notification center (white letter in the game).

– There will be many winners!

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