Travel to the capital of Japan with the new room on Playspace

Do you like to travel and discover new cities throughout the world? With Playspace you have the chance to travel to a different location every month! We present the Tokyo new room that will transport you to Japan whenever you want.

new room

Enter, buy cards, listen and experience the most incredible Japanese atmosphere. Embark on the journey to the Asian continent and collect this free card so that the fun is endless.

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Get your free gift and enjoy the games even more.

Do you want to receive a free gift? Now is the time! With the new offer you will obtain coins that will help you take full advantage of the game and play the largest number of games possible.

free gift

Each week we are giving away free gifts on our Facebook page. Still not a fan? Click here or type “Playspace” into the search box and you will have access to all the latest news, features and gifts. You can find competitions and limited gifts, so check the pages everyday to make sure you do not miss out!

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Numbies! A numbers game that is unique in the world.


Download the new numbers game on your mobile or tablet and beat everyone

Numbies is the new numbers game from Playspace that can be played on your computer, mobile or tablet, and you can also challenge friends. It is a skill and strategy game where you have to get a higher score than your opponents playing with plus and minus numbers on the board across the different worlds that we offer. Do you dare to enter the Numbies worlds?

numbers game

There are lots of different options when it comes to playing this new number game. Firstly, choose the world where you want to begin your adventure, you can pick from one of the following and each corresponds to a difficulty level:

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Bingo Rooms present the new Room Space at Playspace!


Do you want to travel around all of the bingo rooms? Join up and win!

Bingo rooms are celebrating! We present the New Space Room that will give you prizes, allow you to meet fascinating people and compete against players from all over the world. Enter, get your cards and be ready to call “Bingo!”

bingo rooms

Do you love bingo? At Playspace you can visit bingo rooms with different themes and enjoy the game like never before. We will also inform you when we launch a new room so that you can be among the first to try it out and give us your opinion. Here is a free card to propel you into space!

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New game at Playspace! Come and discover Ruleta Loca!


Now you can play the craziest type of roulette, the new game is now available on Playspace

Enjoy the new game! Play to Ruleta Loca now with your friends and become a great player of this classic skill game that will allow you to win prizes including coins, credits, points and much more.

Spin the wheel, buy vowels, show letters on the board, buy clues, get the most power into your spin of the wheel, give tips to Paloma and solve the board!

new game

Put your knowledge to the test with this new game. You will be able to demonstrate all of your skills in the different game subjects. Currently, there are available subjects such as: music, sport, cinema, inventions, etc…and there will soon be many more.

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Experience the best online games with all of the Playspace games!


Play online games with us and discover the best exclusive offers for yourself

Every week you can enjoy the best offers that allow you to have a top time with us. Upon entering the game, you will receive the thematic pack for the week which contains coins, credits and other similar items so that you can personalize the game according to your preferences.

online games

Do you love to get coins? We love giving you everything you need to help you enjoy your favourite game and unique online live gaming experience. Therefore, we are announcing this new offer that you can use to get lots of coins.

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We’ve gone crazy! More coins for you!


Playspace will multiply your coins by 100. More coins everywhere!

Playspace games will soon multiply all coins by 100! We hope you can make the most of them!

more coins

When you enter your favorite Playspace game you will see that the coins in your account will have had two zeros added to them, that when you claim your daily bonus you will receive a minimum of 6.000 coins and up to a total of 45.000 coins per cycle, if you connect on a daily basis, and so on in many other sections of the game. We hope you enjoy the fun with so many more coins to play with!

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Invite your friends to play and win more prizes than ever.


Invite your friends to play any Playspace game and win coins every day.

Because each friend is a treasure, because our friends are the family we choose, because they are there for us during good times and bad, and because at Playspace we feel that the more the merrier, we are giving away coins every day if you invite your friends to play!

Invite your friends

There is now a daily prize available in the Playspace games; you can collect it every 24 hours. To claim your prize you just have to invite your friends to play. There will be 3 different options, depending on the requirements of eachgame, which you can chose from, in each game, every day. And there’s more! For each friend that plays in Playspace you will earn free coins every day as well as Daily Bonus, so the more friends that play the more free coins you will receive.

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We are happy to announce the release of Playspace’s new Dominoes


Discover everything the new Dominoes has to offer

After some time updating and renewing, we are finally able to announce the release of our new Dominoes. Come and enjoy this updated classic to the full! Every one of the improvements made has been thought out to make each match unique, you will just have to come back and play again.

new dominoes

Come and have a look at the new design and the different versions available. At last, a new Dominoes with which we can guarantee an excellent game experience. Now all you have to do is have a go, try out the new Dominoes and discover all the improvements. Remember you can play on your computer, mobile or Tablet.

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Be number one by getting help in the game.


Improve your experience by searching for help in the game.

Do you have any questions about our games? Would you like to find the answers to your questions? Remember that whenever you have a query you can use the help in the game section that you will find at the bottom of the page, here you will be able to find the answers to anything that is troubling you. What should you do when the game doesn’t load or when it’s too slow? How can you use the coins or credits in the Playspace games?

help in the game

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