The most novel online card game available on your mobile or tablet

Playspace’s Luno is the popular colourful online card game also known as UNO. Invite your friends to play this colourful card game and become part of our gaming community and you can become one of the best players. Reverse! Draw 2! Last! Beat all your friends by being the first player with no cards left.

online card game

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Difficulties loading a game? Let us help you!


Read this if you have ever had difficulties loading a game.

When playing, every player uses a different device, each device has is own operating system, the user’s favourite browser, an antivirus, possibly a different version of Flash, these and many other factors can mean that occasionally there may be small problems when loading the games. Every week we carry out routine maintenance to make sure that the games are working properly, as well as to modify, improve or optimize specific games. While maintenance is being carried out you can play 2048, and any coins from the round being played will be returned to each player.

Difficulties loading

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Spin the roulette and win fabulous prizes!


Win more than ever with our daily bonus roulette.

Have you tried the Playspace roulette? You can find it in all our games. Enter any game to collect your daily access bonus and spin the roulette, there are plenty of prizes to win: coins, credits, experience points, etc. The amount you win will depend on how lucky you are; all this for just one credit.

A roulette that spins so that Playspace players can win more and more prizes: coins so you can continue in a game or that you can use to purchase items from the shop, credits you can use to create special rounds, or to purchase items from the game shop, as well as experience points that will help you rise in the ranking and complete more achievements, which will also give you more prizes.



As well as the daily bonus roulette there are two other exciting roulettes: the double or nothing roulette and the MiniSlot. Double your winnings time after time, the double or nothing roulette will pop up when you win a round, have a go and double your coins!

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Play Free Bingo on Playspace wherever you want!


Download the Free Bingo application for your smartphone or Tablet.

You no longer need to go anywhere to enjoy playing one of world’s most most popular games. Download our Free Bingo game for your Android device or your iPhone or iPad, and play against players from all over the world; you could become one of the luckiest. Is luck on your side? Find out with LocoBingo90!

free bingo

Bingo that is out of the norm!

Are you tired of only having two chances of winning with your cards? LocoBingo90 has three mega prizes: Line, Double line and Bingo. Did you not call Bingo and got stuck with a ball that didn’t win? Try our extra ball and find out how you can call once the Free Bingo is over.

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Do you still not have the classic game Dominoes for mobile and tablets?

Some classic games just never go out of date. What is a classic? A classic is a model that is worthy of imitation, something that follows the traditional aesthetic trends, it is not that it always come back, it just never leaves; it is timeless.

We love the classics here at Playspace, and because of that we offer you our Dominoes for mobile and tablets, to enjoy the traditional game in a new way. You can play against whomever you wish, whenever you wish, wherever you wish. Play with or against your friends, with thousands of players all over the world, 24 hours a day. You decide how to play!

dominoes for mobile

Think out your strategy well, every movement will determine those that will follow. Have you put down the right tile? Are you aware of what tiles are still going to come up? Will your opponent leave you with no way out? Try the Dominometer and you will find out!

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Enjoy social games with your friends, family and thousands of other players.

Are you a frequent player of social games? Have you never played online against your friends? Have you played but not yet found a game you like? Whatever the case, the wait is over! Playspace is a company dedicated to the online entertainment of thousands of players, from countries all over the world, that come together through our community to have some fun, to while away the time during their trips and journeys, while evading their daily obligations, having fun and meeting people just like them who love fun and entertainment.

social games

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You can now play Buraco free online, on your mobile or tablet.

Buraco is a strategic card game available in different modalities. The game is known worldwide with different names, and is especially popular in Italy and Brazil. Have you heard of it? In Playspace we give you the chance to play when and where you like from your Android device.

Buraco free online


Your Android is celebrating as we have released another of our famous games for your device. You can now play on our Website, Facebook, iOS and Android.

For those who don’t know the game, the aim of Buraco is to create card combinations made up of straights of the same suit or groups of 3 or more cards of the same number while trying to win more points than your opponents.

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Spain Startup 2014. Playspace is one of the finalists.


Help Playspace win Spain Startup 2014 at The South Summit 2014

After almost 3000 projects registered for the startup competition, 100 of these companies face each other to “show the world the talent of the South” at Spain Startup 2014. Playspace was one of the lucky ranked among the finalists and thanks to the help of many people who believe and trust in Playspace, we are among the 10 finalists of the social victory. How did they help us? Through the Twitter network, all fans of each of these 100 companies, could provide support until last Sunday 5, so these could clasify at the final with just 10 of them, and we are one of these 10!

Spain Startup 2014

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