Christmas games are now on Playspace

Christmas games full of surprises. Are you going to miss out on them?

We are just a few days away from one of the best periods of the year, beloved Christmas, and this year it arrives with lots of new additions on Playspace. Do you want to discover them all? Enter your favourite games on Playspace now to see them all. Remember that you can do it from our website, Facebook or from your Android and iOS devices.

Do you like to shout for prizes in LocoBingo90? If you still have not discovered it, enter now and go through all of the different themed rooms that we have available and of course our Christmas room where you can win multiple prizes and chat with your friends. Do you want more Christmas games?

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New Luno

Now you can enjoy more freedom and fun in LUNO

You will have noticed that that over the last few weeks the design of the game has changed in order to increase your level of enjoyment:

  • New backgrounds. Keep an eye out!
  • Clearer and more visible player information. Time to challenge!
  • New game music. Don´t let the rhythms stop!

But that is not all! We have oiled up and really racked our brains in order to achieve what seemed impossible: To make even more improvements to what many consider to be the best game in world history! (Even if it is of course bad to say so ourselves)

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Games offers! Black Friday at Playspace!

Black Friday offers

Enjoy unique games offers. Offers only last 3 days!

Once again this year we are getting involved in the Black Friday phenomenon to provide better offers, cheaper rooms, tournaments and other promotions.

What dos Black Friday consist of?

It consists of a series of exclusive offers provided by thousands of companies. The aim is to begin sales ahead of Christmas and the phenomenon originated in the United States. It now takes place in several countries around the world. Playspace is joining in and from 25 November until 27 November you can enjoy offers in all of our games with 4×1 on coins and special actions in some of our most popular games. Enter your favourite game and take advantage!

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Halloween Games at Playspace. Enter and feel the fear!

halloween games

Coming soon at Playspace the most terrifying Halloween games are now available.

Once again this year we are getting into the mood to celebrate this holiday that is well-known worldwide to ensure that everyone enjoys the scariness. Join the Halloween games at Playspace and enjoy the age-old classic games with an added touch of terror.

The game displays will be themed for the festivities, and there will also be spooky music within this uniquely scary setting. Also, in the shop you will be able to find all of the items for your favourite games and Halloween games, so that you can fully immerse yourself in this frightening world. Enjoy badges and ways of killing at Parcheesi Playspace: Ghosts, pumpkins, the Chucky doll and a chainsaw will allow you to experience this hair-raising adventure in the games.

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Credits X 10

We’ve gone crazy! Win loads more credits. Playspace is multiplying your credits x 10. More credits everywhere! Playspace games we have multiply all credits by 10! We hope you can make the most of them!

When you enter your favorite Playspace game you can see that the credits in your account have one zero added to them on in many other sections of the game. We hope you enjoy the fun with so many more credits to play with!

What are the advantages of multiplying credits?

1. You can now play totally personalised games for half the number of credits. Before the credit change, a special game cost 1 credit and now it should cost 10. But no! Playing a special game will only cost you 5 credits. So now special games are half price.

2. After receiving a lot of requests for more coins in the daily bonus for accessing the game, we have listened to you! Now, the access bonus will always give you extra coins so that you can keep playing. Previously, the total number of coins that we gave away for accessing the game was 45,000 coins, it is now 51,000 coins per week. Here you have the coins that you will receive for accessing the game each day:

  • 1 day of access: 6.000 coins
  • 2 days of access: 7.000 coins
  • 3 days of access: 8.000 coins
  • 4 days of access: 10.000 coins
  • 5 days of access: 20.000 coins

Also, the daily bonus Wheel will allow you to win lots more coin prizes. You can now play for 10 credits and win much more. The minimum prize is 10 credits so you will never lose anything. Also, we have included lots more coin prizes so that you have more chances of winning and can enjoy more games.

3. Among all the games available on Playspace, you will always have your favourites, in which you need to have all possible credits in order to be able to play the way you want and with who you want. Up until now, you were not able to take advantage of them because each game had credits independently. You will finally be able to use them in the game that you want! We have brought together all of your credits in a single shared account so that you do not waste a single credit.

4. The prices of items in the shop have multiplied in order to offer you new items that will make your games more exciting. Also, from now on there will be more offers and discounts so that you can acquire your preferred item at a good price. Pay attention to the new collections that we are preparing.

You are certain to love them!

Will everything be multiplied by 10?

No, only your credits that you have at your account throughout the game, have been multiplied by 10. But the coins and experience points will remain the same.

Will you loose your credits?

No, to the contrary, all your credits have been multiplied by 10. Rounds and special articles from the games still be played with credits, which will not be multiplied.

Where you see the changes?

You see that your credits have been multiplied by 10. But your experience points and your coins will be the same. Free credits you can win with offers or videos will be multiplied by 10.

What makes this change so great?

Your multiplayer games will be more exciting. We can give you more free credits through our promotions, competitions and tournaments. You will have more credits to use as you wish. Those that left will come back!

When will these changes take place?

The changes have been applied to all Playspace games today. We do all the hard work, multiplying your credits by 10, so everything is ready for you and your friends to enjoy the changes in the games with the highest and most thrilling bets.

Come and visit us at on Facebook or through our iOS and Android apps.

What are you waiting for?