New! Favorite your Friends and games recording

Friends and games

Friends and games: Enjoy now the new features at Playspace

We have lots of new features for you and we don’t want you to miss out on anything. Pay attention to what we explain below! We have a new friends and games system on Playspace games, where you can have friends that you meet within the games without the need to add them on your social networks, you can block players you don’t want as friends, keep a record of the last rounds played on all of our games. Try all features at Parcheesi, Bingo, Crazy Wheel and much more.

You will be able to find the new friends system in games in the left-hand side of the game as we have shown in the image below.

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Bingo! New Atlantis Room

Bingo New Atlantis Room

Bingo you can play from wherever you want.

Delve into the depths of the sea and obtain all of its treasures at the new Bingo room on LocoBingo90, Atlantis. This is a room full of prizes that you can enjoy with friends, family and our community of millions of players. Enter the new Bingo room, choose the cards that you want to play, choose your lucky ball and win prizes without stopping.

Become a Siren or the most powerful captain in this city full of charm and water, above all, lots of water. Call lines, double lines or Bingo, acquiring the cards that you want in each game and increase your chance of winning.

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Error 963

error 963

How to fix Google play Error 963

Recently Android Users are getting Error 936 on their smartphones whenever they try to Download or Update any app from Google Play store. To be very precise, The error message Reads *App Name* could not be downloaded due to an error (963).

Earlier we discussed how to Fix Error 492 in Google Play store. more:

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New features at Crazy Wheel! Three spins per player and lots more fun.

Ruleta Loca

Crazy Wheel is now more entertaining than ever. New games, new content and much more.

We have listened to all of you and the new changes are now available on Crazy Wheel for your computer, mobile or tablet.

The most important change is that from now on each player will have a maximum of 3 spins in a row during their turn. You can see your turns as well as those of your opponents with the three Crazy Wheel Icons that each player has next to their profile photograph.

The 3 Crazy Wheel Icons will appear in colour at the start of your turn,

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