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The best strategies and tricks for playing Parcheesi

trucos ganar parchís

Do you like Playspace’s Parcheesi game? With these tricks you’ll be unbeatable!

We all know how to play Parcheesi and that it is not just game of chance. Strategy plays a very important role in Parcheesi and, if this is not taken into account, it is highly likely that your pieces will be captured and that you won’t succeed. A good game always needs a good strategy, and even though we know that luck also plays a part, there are some simple tricks that you could include in your strategy and that will help you reach the target and lead you to a great victory. If you love playing Parcheesi on Playspace we encourage you to continue reading as we are convinced that this will be of great interest to you.

We’re going to show you how you can win at Parcheesi and in this post you are going to learn the 10 basic, but essential, tricks to succeed and win lots of games. These tricks are applicable for Parcheesi games that are played with 2 dice, as is the case with the Playspace Parcheesi game, as some tricks would not apply if playing with just one die. Let’s go!

The best strategies and tricks for playing Parcheesi: 

1 – It is very important to form barriers to block your opponents from moving. Blocking is really good, as each turn that your opponent cannot move is a turn that you win. But don’t go over the top with the blocks, because at some point you will have to open up and your pieces will be in a danger zone with your opponents behind you.

2 – Be careful! The pieces that are closer to the target should not be put at risk. Be smart, if you have any piece near the end, do not put it at risk and try to keep it as safe as possible. You’ve worked hard to get it to this point, so it is always better to take risks with the ones you have closer to home.

3 – Playing in a team is not much fun. This is because if it is sometimes difficult to control your 4 pieces, imagine having to also look out for your partner’s 4 so they can win as soon as possible and keep as many pieces as they can. It’s much more fun playing alone against everyone.

4 – If you have pieces in the home position, don’t block your own exit square. The more pieces you have in motion, the more chances you will have to move towards the target.

5 – In a game for teams of two, you can choose to capture your partner’s piece to move forward 20 squares in the game.

6 – Avoid creating blocks. Remember that if 2 or more players form a series of bridges, your pieces may be more vulnerable.

7 – Consider the best sequence of movements before moving a piece. This way, you will be able to choose a better strategy to defeat your opponents. Before you move a piece, study the board well and do not move just any piece; there is almost always one move that will be better than another. However, don’t over think it, as you have a limited time to move.

8 – Capturing an opponent’s pieces is not always the best option, sometimes it is best not to let your “hunter instinct” take over and make another move that will be more beneficial to you. You will still have your opponent in front of you on your next turn and you will still have the opportunity to capture them.

9 – Try not to stay on your rival’s exit square for too long when you still have pieces in your home zone, as if they throw a double 5 your piece has to go home. In the same way, if there is already a piece on your rival’s exit and you also land there creating a barrier, if your rival throws a 5 and puts their piece there, it is your piece which goes home because it was the last one to arrive.

10 – Last but not least, remember to visit the game’s shop to purchase power-ups, special pieces and many other items that allow you to customise your game and level up faster.

Fancy a game? Challenge your friends and practice our tricks!

Now that you know these 10 simple tricks, do not hesitate to put them into practice as soon as possible and defeat all your opponents in this fantastic Online Parcheesi game, which you can play on the Playspace Platform, in your Facebook, or download it for free on your Android or iOS Smartphone or Tablet. Now you can prove your worth in your favourite game! Do not miss out on the opportunity to play with great players and exchange your opinions on the game.

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